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Nerja, Malaga

Nerja is the main tourist resort of the Eastern Costa del Sol as it lies between small coves untouched by development and impressive mountain scenery. The beauty of the beaches and cliffs surrounding Nerja makes them ideal for sun worshippers and lovers of waters sports alike.

The centre of Nerja is the Balcon de Europa, a favourite place with both locals and visitors. The promenade flanked on the left by lovely arches and on the right by hotels, bars and restaurants, ends at a semi-circular viewpoint at the cliff-top, commanding magnificent views over the Mediterranean and the mountains. Sunsets seen from the Balcon de Europa are unforgettable. The promenade is lined with palms and two ancient cannons form a reminder than until 1812 there was a fortress at the top of the cliffs. It is the night-time location for many street entertainers and local musicians.

Nerja is full of small shops and you can find anything from shoes and clothing to souvenir and art shops. Shops close between 2 and 5 pm, except the supermarkets. The streets with most and better shops are Calle Almirante Ferrandiz (near Balcon de Europa) and Avenida Castilla Perez.

Cueva de Nerja
Cueva de Nerja | Spain | Nerja Beach Holidays | Tourist Resorts
The magnificent Nerja Caves – Cuevas de Nerja – are a series of huge caverns stretching for almost five kilometres and home to the world’s largest stalagmite, a 32 metre high column measuring 13 metres by 7 metres at its base.
You can find more information about the Caves at
Balcon de Europa

The Balcón de Europa is a large round balcony on a cliff in the seaside town of Nerja, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It has spectacular panoramic views of the Sierra Almijara mountain range and the coast with its beautiful beaches, sandy coves and rocky outcrops.

In the 9th century the watchtower of an Arabic fortress existed on the site of the balcony. Today this enviable location is occupied by a popular mirador (viewing point) close to a number of cafés and hotels, just around the corner from Iglesia de El Salvador. Underneath the balcony is a restaurant with unparalleled vistas, so in the cooler winter months you can enjoy the view comfortably from indoors.

Balcón de Europa | Nerja, Spain | Nerja Beach Holidays | Vacation Rentals

Tourist Resort | Nerja, Malaga | Nerja Beach Holidays

The train of Nerja
tourist train
The Nerja train is a popular tourist attraction in Nerja. This little red and yellow train runs through the streets of the town, giving visitors the opportunity to discover Nerja, its monuments, its mountains and much more...

But the main objective of this excursion is certainly the visit of the famous Nerja caves, which are considered as one of the most beautiful natural tourist attractions in Spain. The caves are located around 5 kilometers from the center of Nerja, and the train is the ideal way to get there without having to drive or walk.
Noche de San Juan
La noche de San Juan is a festivity celebrated every year on June 23 from 22h, especially on Burriana beach. Here you'll find traditional activities such as concerts, bonfires and fireworks.
It's also common to go swimming in the sea around midnight, and some people even choose to sleep on the beach. Playazo and Burriana are the only beaches where this is allowed, on this night only.
nerja beach holidays
San Isidro
nerja beach holidays

The San Isidro celebration takes place every year on May 15. It begins at around 11h with a mass in the church of el Salvador, then continues with a walk to the caves of Nerja.

This is one of Nerja's most popular festivities, with decorated carriages, horses, bulls and more... The locals also dress up in their traditional costumes for the occasion. 

Tapas Tour
The "Tapas Tour" of Nerja is a gastronomic tour where you taste different kinds of tapas in several bars and restaurants in the city of Nerja, Spain.

Tapas are small portions of traditional Spanish dishes served in bars. It's an opportunity to taste a variety of flavors and discover local cuisine in a friendly atmosphere.
nerja beach holidays

Maroween is celebrated in Maro, located very close to Nerja. It's a nocturnal party celebrated on Halloween night. Festivities include costume shows and contests, music and dance performances, food and drink stands.


It's the perfect occasion for the community of Maro to enjoy a festive atmosphere and celebrate Halloween in a unique way.

Feria de Nerja
La Feria de Nerja is an annual event that celebrates the culture and traditions of the city of Nerja.

This festival, which usually takes place in October, offers a week of entertainment, shows and activities for locals and visitors, including parades, concerts, beauty contests (Reina de la feria de Nerja), fireworks, musical performances and more...
nerja beach holidays
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