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Info about apartment

Electricity Supply:

 If the electricity trips, reset the fuse board located by the entrance door of the apartment. 


TV and Internet:

 The TV has international channels. In this manual, we have curated a list of all of them. Click here for the list.

The WiFi code is united20 and the network is Playa503



There is a fire extinguisher provided in this apartment should a fire occur. It’s located by the entrance of the apartment.

Air Conditioning:

To turn the air conditioning on, switch on the button on the wall located underneath the air conditioning. The same applies to the bedroom air conditioning unit. Please note that the air conditioning turns off automatically after a set period of time.

Locked out:

Please note that the main door will automatically lock if you close it. Please make sure that you don’t lock yourself out. If you do, please call Nerja Beach Holidays for access (there is a 30€ charge for this) or call LLave de Oro for access (locksmith). Their fees will be payable directly and are higher (0034) 606 939 929.


Nerja is generally a safe place to visit but please remember to close all windows and blinds when you leave the property. This will help to keep the apartment cool as well as deterring a break in. Nerja Beach Holidays representatives will have keys to access the apartment, will be able to provide ID and will always try to contact guests prior to a visit whenever possible.

Water Heater:

Everything in this apartment is electric.

The electric water heater switch is on the wall near the patio door in the bedroom.


The bins are located outside the complex before the bus stop as you arrive into Avenida Chimenea, click here to see its location.


Swimming Pool:

The pool is for private use of the guests staying at this urbanisation. You will need your pool pass and the fob attached to the pool pass to access the swimming pools on this complex. The pool is located as you enter the urbanisation just before the underground parking. 


The nearest beach is Burriana which can be accessed via the stepped garden behind the Green Lagoon on this complex. Access is via a locked gate so you will need to take your yellow gate fob with you.


Bus Stop:

There is a local bus service that stops at the corner of the road near to the pool and restaurant which will take you into the town centre and surrounding areas. Click here for the timetable and stops

The main bus station is located on Avenida Pescia.  It is a wooden kiosk just off the roundabout, with buses stopping on both sides of the road depending on where you are going.


Tourist Information Centre:

This is located on the Balcon de Europa, next to the entrance to the Town Hall.

Bins Location
FAQ Troubleshooting

Why don’t I have any electricity?

It may be a general electricity cut in the area or the system may have been overloaded. Many Spanish properties have a limited electricity supply into them.


  • Make sure you turn off some appliances: stove, oven, heaters, microwave, toaster, kettle, hairdryer use a lot of power.

  • Check the main circuit board located in the property to see if all the switches are up. If NOT, switch it up.

  • Check if the surroundings properties have electricity (ask your neighbours).

If after trying the solutions above and the problem still persists, then call Nerja Beach Holidays.

Why don’t I have hot water?

Many of the properties do not have large water boilers and therefore there is only a limited supply of hot water.

If there have been many people using this supply, then it may have run out.


  • Check to see if the boiler is on (normally a red light shows on the front).

  • If you have run out of hot water, wait at least 1 hour for the water to heat up again.

If after trying the solutions above and the problem still persists, then call Nerja Beach Holidays.


Why don’t I have water?

Many Spanish urbanisations are improving their water systems, therefore from time to time it is possible that the water has been cut off for a short period of time in order for them to carry out works. Unfortunately, Nerja Beach Holidays will not always be made aware of this. If we have been notified of any undergoing works, we will contact you.

Unfortunately, in this instance, there is not much we can do.


  • Check if the main stop cock is on, located right outside the property (inside the metal box).

  • Check if the surrounding properties have water (ask your neighbours).

If after trying the solutions above and the problem still persists after several hours, then call Nerja Beach Holidays.


Why don’t I have WiFi?


  • Make sure you have typed in the correct password (case sensitive) and that you have selected the CORRECT NETWORK, this information can be found in this House Manual and underneath the router.

  • If after doing the above, an error message still comes up with “Incorrect password”, disconnect yourself from the WiFi (forget the network) and try to reconnect.

  • If the problem still persists, unplug the router and plug it back in and try to reconnect to the network. Do not “reset” the unit.

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